Is Steffy Pregnant By Liam Or Finn?

Is Beth really Liam’s baby?

Elizabeth Avalon “Beth” Spencer (formerly Phoebe Forrester II) is the biological daughter of Liam Spencer and Hope Logan.

The first year she was raised by her adoptive mother, Steffy Forrester..

Who plays Paris on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Star Diamond White’The Bold and the Beautiful’ Star Diamond White On Her Character: ‘I Got to Make Paris My Playground’ The Bold and the Beautiful star Diamond White has been winning viewers of the show over as she gels into the role of Paris Buckingham.

Is Liam Kelly’s father?

She helped Steffy by running a DNA test since Steffy couldn’t be sure whether Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) or Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) was the father of her baby. Of course, the paternity test proved Liam was the “baby daddy,” so Liam was given the title of father to Kelly Spencer (Avalon and Collette Gray).

Does Zoe marry Carter?

In the Forrester Creations’ studio, Zende assures a relieved Zoe that they’re fine. Zoe just wanted to be sure there was no chance for them before she happily marries Carter.

Who is Finn on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Tanner NovlanBold and the Beautiful leaks John Finnegan “Finn” (Tanner Novlan) finding out who his real mother is but she’s no stranger to fans of this CBS soap. That’s right, following in the B&B tradition when plans call for a new character to stay, they’re cemented into the cast by DNA.

Who is Steffy pregnant by?

In the end, if it is Liam’s baby that Steffy Forrester carries, leaving town makes sense. In fact, Steffy pregnant by him explains her exit much more so than a Finn-baby on B&B.

Do Shauna and Ridge get together?

As B&B viewers know, Shauna has just returned to Los Angeles, where she promptly showed up at the Forrester mansion and told Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) that the two of them got married in Las Vegas.

Is Jacqueline Woods pregnant?

Wood announced her pregnancy with her second child in October with an Instagram bump reveal. “Once you pop, the fun don’t stop!

Does hope find out about Liam and Steffy?

When Hope meets Sally Spectra, she finds out that Liam and Steffy’s marriage is in trouble and so she visits Liam to offer her support and friendship. Hope learns of Steffy and Bill sleeping together and confronts Steffy. However, Hope supports Steffy and Liam, and she tries to fix their marriage.

Who is Vinny on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Joe LoCiceroVincent “Vinny” Walker is a fictional character on The Bold and the Beautiful, portrayed by Joe LoCicero since 2019.

Who is Steffy Forrester’s baby daddy?

No matter who the father turned out to be, Finn stated he’s in this for the long-run with Steffy Forrester. But anger set-in once those results indicated Finn wasn’t the father of the new B&B baby on the way. So, the paternity falls to Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) as the dad.

Will Steffy and Liam reunite in 2020?

Steffy will have no guarantee that Liam will be loyal to her. For all she knows, Liam could change his mind again and get right back together with Hope. … Based on 2020 preview info and the way things are shaping up onscreen, it looks like Steffy may indeed reunite with Liam.

Is Steffy pregnant with Finn’s baby?

Dr. Campbell confirmed Steffy was pregnant with Kelly Spencer (Avalon and Collette Gray) and ordered the DNA test, so she may be back to confirm Steffy’s with child again and order a new DNA test, too. That could lead to trouble since Finn works at the hospital.

Is Finn Steffy’s baby daddy?

Steffy had truly believed in her heart that her baby was Finn’s so she was crushed when the paternity test came back and confirmed that Liam was the father.