Question: Who Is The Voice Of PC Principal?

What kind of sunglasses does PC principal wear?

PC Principal The character was first introduced in “Stunning and Brave”.

He is a muscular man with dark blonde hair, a very faint mustache, and a goatee.

He is often shown wearing Oakley sunglasses..

Did Butters die?

The boys build a containment center to study the device, and devise a plan to steal it. The boys fake Butters’ death by dropping a pig cadaver dressed as him from the Bowery Building. Stephen and Linda Stotch are devastated at the apparent death of their son and the funeral is held a few days later.

Who does PC principal represent?

PC Principal is, as the name suggests, dedicated to political correctness and social justice causes.

Who does Mr Garrison’s voice?

Trey ParkerSouth Park: Bigger, Longer & UncutMr. Garrison/Voiced by

What does PC stand for in PC babies?

politically correctMore. The PC Babies, Riley, Bailey, Harper, River, and Emory, are the children of PC Principal and Strong Woman after they had intercourse in “Splatty Tomato”. In episodes, they are used as a device to reference the Snowflake Generation; young adults who are very politically correct and offended easily.

Why did Principal Victoria get fired?

In “Stunning and Brave”, it was announced that she was fired from South Park Elementary due to an incident where a student referred to rape as a “Hot Cosby” and got replaced with PC Principal. In “Sponsored Content”, she revealed she was replaced and the “Hot Cosby” was made up to get her fired.

What college did PC principal go to?

Texas A&M UniversityA graduate of Texas A&M University, PC Principal loves nothing more than drinking beer, working out and that feeling you get when you rhetorically defend a marginalized community from systems of oppression. He is especially defensive of his idol – the brave, and stunning, Caitlyn Jenner.

Why did butters replace Kenny?

After Kenny’s semi-permanent death near the end of Season 5, Butters became the replacement Kenny, until this episode, where he is fired for simply being too lame.

Why does Kenny always die?

Essentially, Kenny is always killed because he is needed by God to go to heaven in case of any attack. Basically, Kenny’s whole life is a struggle between a wish he made, and his destiny. After the aforementioned episode, Kenny is needed less and less in Heaven, to the point of him barely even dying.

What episode does PC principal beat Cartman?

PC Principal Final JusticePC Principal Final Justice”PC Principal Final Justice”Episode no.Season 19 Episode 10Directed byTrey ParkerWritten byTrey ParkerProduction code19106 more rows

Is PC principal based on anyone?

More like an actual cultural phenomenon inspired both of them. The short answer is no.

Who is the voice of Butters?

Trey ParkerMatt StoneButters Stotch/Voices

Is PC principal good or bad?

In the episode where Cartman harasses the new Mexican student David, PC Principal does not appear. Despite no longer being a villain, PC Principal’s termination of Mr. Garrison from South Park Elementary causes major problems in subsequent seasons, as it inspired Garrison to run for president, eventually succeeding.