Quick Answer: Who Was In The Group Playa?

What group was static major in?

PlayaStatic Major/Music groupsStephen Ellis Garrett (November 11, 1974 – February 25, 2008), known professionally as Static Major (often stylized as Static/Major), was an American singer, songwriter, and record producer from Louisville, Kentucky.

He was a member of the R&B trio Playa..

Who died from the Group 112?

Kenny GreeneDiedOctober 1, 2001 (aged 32) New York City, U.S.GenresR&B, soulOccupation(s)Singer-songwriter, record producerInstrumentsKeyboards, sampler, synthesizers, piano4 more rows

What killed Static Major?

February 25, 2008Static Major/Date of death

Who wrote pony?

GinuwineStatic MajorTimbalandPony/Composers

Who wrote Aaliyah try again?

Static MajorTimbalandTry Again/Composers

Where is VORY from?

Houston, Texas, United StatesVory/Place of birth

Why did Q and Daron leave 112?

First Dru Hill and their shoegate photoshop debacle and now 112 has come apart at the seems. According to TMZ, the beloved quartet has become a duo after Slim and Mike revealed Q and Daron left the group. Mike, real name, Michael Marcel Keith, said the split came as a result of an argument the group couldn’t resolve.

Who produced Lollipop by Lil Wayne?

DeezleJim JonsinLollipop/Producers”Lollipop” is the first single from rapper Lil Wayne’s sixth studio album, Tha Carter III. The track posthumously features American singer Static Major and is produced by Deezle and Jim Jonsin.

What happened to the group Playa?

The success of the single and glowing album reviews all but guaranteed a long and successful career for the trio. Sadly, Playa quickly vanished from the limelight. The planned follow-up album, Never Too Later, was shelved in 2003 and let me tell you, that’s a travesty.

What happened Pretty Ricky?

After the success of Late Night Special, things got very dark within the group in the following years. Label and financial issues with Bluestars Entertainment, the company Pretty Ricky signed to in a deal with Atlantic Records, caused Pleasure P to exit the group and focus on his solo career.

Why did 112 break up?

Michael Keith decided to leave 112 and go solo. He stated that a former groupmate stole his, and member Slim’s, money, causing the two to leave. Slim, however, states that he never fell out with anyone over money and is still with 112. The group now consists of members Q, Slim, and Daron.

Did static major die?

February 25, 2008Static Major/Date of death

How old is static major?

33 years (1974–2008)Static Major/Age at death

What happened Static Major?

Static Major died on February 25th 2008 on a hospital operating table due to complications relating to a medical procedure. He’d been admitted after being diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disease.

What songs did static major write?

Vinyl Archeology: Static Major Wrote Songs for Beautiful DreamersLil Wayne f. … Truth Hurts ft Rakim “Addictive” 12-inch (Aftermath 2002) … Nicole Wray “Eyes Better Not Wander” 12-inch (Elektra 1998) … Destiny’s Child “Say My Name (Timbaland Remix)” This is the Remix (Columbia 1999) … Static Major f. … Playa “Cheers 2 U” Cheers 2 U (Def Jam1998)More items…•Aug 25, 2011

What happened to Maxie from brownstone?

She was 46. Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell, a member of 1990s R&B trio Brownstone, died over the weekend after an accident at her Los Angeles home. … Maxwell was at her home on Friday when she fell and cut her throat on a drinking glass that shattered during the fall, her representative said Monday.

When was lollipop released?


Who wrote lollipop song Lil Wayne?

Lil WayneDeezleJim JonsinR. ZamorLollipop/Composers