Tamar Braxton Illness

Who passed away on Braxton Family Values?

Lauren Braxton died in on April 29 at age 24.

She was the daughter of Michael Braxton, the only brother of the R&B star and her four sisters, who appear on the BET reality series “Braxton Family Values.”.

Who died in the Braxton family recently?

Toni Braxton is still coming to terms with the death of her 24-year-old niece. The “Un-Break My Heart” singer paid tribute to Lauren, the daughter of her only brother, Michael Braxton Jr., on Instagram Wednesday. Her representative, Maureen O’Connor, confirmed to USA TODAY that Lauren died Monday in Maryland.

What happened with Tamar Braxton and Terrell Mullin?

Tamar Braxton had a falling out with her former stylist and make-up artist, Terrell Mullins, with their professional relationship ending after sherefused to pay him for his services. … Terrell took to Instagram to post about doing Toni’s make-up, with Tamar appearing to throw some shade her sister’s way.

What was the tragic loss in the Braxton family?

But while it may have contributed to her passing, People magazine and “Entertainment Tonight” are reporting that Lauren Braxton died from heroin and fentanyl intoxication.

What is Toni Braxton’s net worth?

Toni Braxton net worth: Toni Braxton is an American singer, songwriter, pianist, record producer, actress, television personality, and philanthropist who has a net worth of $10 million dollars.

Will Braxton Family Values return?

The Braxtons are back in full force with the family’s biggest surprise. New York, NY – October 2, 2020 — It’s finally happening. Season seven of ‘Braxton Family Values’ premieres Thursday, November 5 at 9pm ET/PT on WE tv. The Braxtons are BACK in full force with the family’s biggest surprise.

What network does Braxton Family Values come on?

We TVBraxton Family Values/Networks

What was the last episode of Braxton Family Values?

Sister StaycationBraxton Family Values/Latest episode

Who is the richest Braxton?

Toni BraxtonWell, despite her financial woes, Toni Braxton remains the richest of the five Braxton sisters. Tamar Braxton, who is the youngest, has a net worth of $3 million.

Why is Tamar not on Braxton Family Values?

Tamar Braxton says ‘Braxton Family Values’ is a huge reason why she and her sisters are not on speaking terms. Tamar is no longer following her sisters or their mother on Instagram. She says the network and her family are exploiting her attempted suicide by including her family’s reactions in the trailer.

What’s going on with Tamar Braxton?

Tamar Braxton is opening up about her struggle with mental health after she was found unresponsive and rushed to the hospital on July 16 after a possible suicide attempt. Braxton, 43, stars on the We TV reality show “Braxton Family Values.” The Blast and TMZ both reported she was found by her boyfriend David Adefesco.

What is Tamar Braxton worth?

American singer and television personality Tamar Braxton has a net worth of $3 million dollars, as of 2021.

What is Vincent Herbert worth?

Vincent Herbert Net Worth: Vincent Herbert is an American producer, songwriter, and founder of Streamline Records who has a net worth of $3 million.