Technically Married

What does it mean when someone says technically speaking?

It means speaking while considering every detail and being exact.

So if you woke up at 7:05 this morning, you could say that you woke up at 7:00, but technically speaking, you woke up at 7:05..

How do you use technically in a sentence?

Technically sentence example. Technically that’s true, but maybe she has an angle. Technically , what you saw was an image of the Bryce brothers. And technically , I interfered by making him disappear before anyone figured out he’d saved humanity.

What does legally single mean?

In legal definitions for interpersonal status, a single person refers to a person who is not in serious committed relationships, or not part of a civil union. … Single people may participate in dating and other activities to find a long-term partner or spouse.

Are you single or taken Meaning?

The difference between Single and Taken. When used as adjectives, single means not accompanied by anything else, whereas taken means infatuated. … Single is also verb with the meaning: to identify or select one member of a group from the others.

What is considered technical work?

So technical work is work that requires a fair amount of expertise to carry out, and whose results are inherently unpredictable. Every occupation involves some technical work, because dealing with people is technical work, and every occupation deals with people.

What does business minded mean?

Interested in or focused on businessInterested in or focused on business; having an aptitude for business.

What does technically married mean?

“Technically” implies that based on laws, generally accepted agreements or standards, etc. … According to the laws of his or her nation, he or she is legally bound to the spouse. However, since the spouse is overseas, this person is “for all intents and purposes” single.

What’s the opposite of technically?

What is the opposite of technically?generallynontechnicallyinexpertlyself-evidentlycommonlynonspecificallynonexclusivelynonprofessionallyunprofessionallygenerically2 more rows

What is the difference between literally and technically?

“Literally” is used to emphasize that while it may say like you’re speaking metaphorically, it really is in fact true. For example, “he is literally twice as tall as her” (his height actually is twice hers and it’s not just said as an exaggeration). “Technically” on the other hand deemphasizes the actual situation.

What does technically stunning mean?

1 : causing astonishment or disbelief stunning news. 2 : strikingly impressive especially in beauty or excellence a stunning view stunning workmanship.

What does technically inclined mean?

someone who is technically inclined, musically inclined etc is good at or interested in technical work, music etc. Synonyms and related words. + Skilful and able. able.

What is the meaning of literally speaking?

To speak literally, in this sense, is just to mean what one’s words themselves say. Literally says, in effect, ‘I mean what I’m saying: to understand me correctly you need add nothing to the meaning of my words’.

What does technically mean?

1 : with regard to or in accordance with a strict or literal interpretation of something (such as a rule, a term, or an official description or designation) What they’re doing is technically illegal. Technically, a tomato is a fruit.

What does technically single mean?

Technically single means that they may be single in some form, yet in some way they cannot devote themselves fully to another person. Could they get into another relationship? … The result of such relationships are usually that the couple splits and it is not a harmonious split.

What does technically minded mean?

with a technical mindAn individual with a technical mind has some natural abilities to visualize how things work. … A person with a technical mind breaks things down into pieces that are digestible and works through them in an orderly process.

What is another word for technically?

What is another word for technically?scientificallytechnologicallyabstruselyexpertlyindustriallymethodicallymethodologicallyoccupationallypreciselyprocedurally4 more rows

Is technically and basically the same thing?

As adverbs the difference between technically and basically is that technically is based on precise facts while basically is in a fundamental, essential or basic manner.